Saturday, July 10, 2004

Name Brand Candidates

Arnold Schwarzennegger was not elected for his record or his views on the issues. He was elected because his name was familiar - a brand name.

Ditto for GWB. If you read the news of 1999 and 2000, there is virtually no mention of George Bush's policy positions. Mostly you will find his fund-raising success and the oft-repeated claim (without explanation) that he is a "compassionate conservative".

I was saddened when my fellow Californians fell for the Arnold marketing campaign. It makes us look stupid.

Well, my former home of Illinois is looking more stupid. Or is that "stupider"?

The Hill - Jul 08, 2004 - In the wake of Steve Rauschenberger’s withdrawal from the Illinois Senate race, former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka has surfaced as a favorite of many Hill and state Republicans, according to interviews with GOP members and staff in Illinois and Washington.