Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Criminal Justice System

What would you say if your bank said you can never see your balance because it risks, "a major loss of data"?

If the electric company wouldn't show you a bill because it risks, "a major loss of data"?

How about if Ashcroft is hiding the GOP's foreign cash sources?

Associated Press - Jun 29, 2004 - Justice Department Says It Can't Share Lobbying Data Because Computer System Will Crash - The Bush administration is offering a novel reason for denying a request seeking the Justice Department's database on foreign lobbyists: Copying the information would bring down the computer system.

"Implementing such a request risks a crash that cannot be fixed and could result in a major loss of data, which would be devastating," wrote Thomas J. McIntyre, chief in the Justice Department's office for information requests.
McIntyre declined requests to make the claim on camera, saying that having his picture taken would, "steal his soul."