Saturday, June 19, 2004

Matthew 7:3

Wounded and desperate after the latest revelation of its history of child-molesting...

Dallas Morning News - Jun 19, 2004 - Catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children are hiding abroad and working in church ministries, The Dallas Morning News has found...

...Most runaway priests remain in the church, the world's largest organization, so they should be easier to locate than other fugitives.

Instead, Catholic leaders have used international transfers to thwart justice, a practice that poses far greater challenges to law enforcement than the domestic moves exposed in the 2002 scandal.
...conservative factions in the Catholic church lash out to distract attention...
NY Times - Jun 19, 2004 - The nation's Roman Catholic bishops approved a statement on Friday on "Catholics in Political Life" that brands politicians who support abortion rights as "cooperating in evil" and leaves the door open for bishops to deny communion to such lawmakers.
...and Ted Kennedy gives them a little of what they deserve.
NY Post - Jun 18, 2004 - Sen. Ted Kennedy, one of America's most prominent Catholic politicians, has ripped into Pope John Paul II over threats to deny Communion to his close ally, Democratic nominee-to-be John Kerry, a new report claims.

"This pope gave Communion to Gen. [Augusto] Pinochet," the brutal Chilean dictator accused of murders and human-rights violations, Boston magazine quotes Kennedy as saying.