Saturday, June 26, 2004

Puny Punk

LA Times - Jun 26, 2004 - Despite generations of warm feelings between Americans and the Irish, President Bush received a less-than-hearty welcome Friday evening when he set foot in Ireland, with thousands of protesters around the country demonstrating against his actions in Iraq...

...Stefanie Marsh wrote in a Times of London commentary. "In Ireland, an American president has for the first time become an overwhelming figure of hate."

vs. The Big Dawg

The Guardian - Dec 13, 2000 - It is a rare day when red, white and blue bunting goes up in the republican stronghold of Dundalk. But yesterday was that day. The colours, representing not the British but the American flag, hung side by side with the bold green and orange of the Irish tricolour.

An American president was in town and the town was out to celebrate...

...Yesterday carnival costumes were everywhere, Irish dancers mixed with the local samba band, and strains of Danny Boy, apparently the president's favourite song, sung by Belfast man Brian Kennedy, could be heard all day long.

Even the driving rain failed to dampen the spirits of those who have come to see the man credited as a major inspiration to the peace process.