Sunday, May 30, 2004

Compassion of the Wife

We had to share this note from a friend. We'll just say it's from "Laura".

"Today we had one of them compassion hours. You know, where you hug blacks and Karl yells, "NEXT!", and a whole bunch a new colored folks come in and we hug them, too. I think we run a hundred a them through here. Do they like this? Imagine! Anyhow, how much compassion can one gal receive in a hour?

The Mexicans at Crawford don't ask for no hugs. They're all sweaty. In Texas, people always pay the Mexicans in cash. That's compassion, too. It would be awful to make them go cash a $20 check after twelve hours of outside work in that 100 degree heat!

Sometimes we let Juanita put a gallon bucket of lemonade in the garage for them Mexicans. When I was a girl, we never got more than but one Coke and some ice cream. A gallon of lemonade!! Can you imagine?!

Tomorrow we got a book event at the White House. Did I tell you I was once a librarian? For almost a year!? Books are so precious. I like to call us The Literature Administration! Lynne Cheney wrote a entire book! So did Millie!! Imagine!"