Friday, June 04, 2004

The Reports You Get Are Bogus

GW Bush - Jun 01, 2004 - The reports from Afghanistan, at least the ones I get, are very encouraging
Human Rights Watch - Jan 2004 - Taliban forces are resurgent and emboldened in their attacks on U.S. troops as well as on the government of President Hamid Karzai and the foreign community supporting him. Warlords, militias, and brigands dominate the entire country, including the city of Kabul. Many women and girls, freed from the Taliban’s rule, have again been forced out of schools and jobs due to insecurity. Poppy cultivation has soared to new highs, providing billions of dollars to the Taliban, warlords, and petty criminals who resist the central government.
GW Bush - Jun 01, 2004 - We've got people who have been there last year and have been back this year report a different attitude. And they report people have got a sparkle in their eye.
The Guardian - Jun 04, 2004 - Médecins sans Frontières suspended all its operations in Afghanistan yesterday after five of its staff were killed by gunmen claiming to have acted on behalf of the Taliban.

Voting-registration sites in the province of Badghis, where the killings took place, have been closed while the security situation is assessed.
GW Bush - Jun 01, 2004 - And women now all of a sudden no longer fear the future
Amnesty International- Jan 2004 - Women and girls faced a high level of violence. Rape and sexual violence by armed groups was reportedly common. Violence in the family, and forced and underage marriage, were widespread.