Saturday, June 05, 2004

"I'm a U.S. soldier. I'm a U.S. soldier."

For people who aren't bothered by Abu Ghraib because they think it's about terrorists and "them" Arabs, here's how one of "us" describes the military prison system.

NY Times - June 05, 2004 - Specialist Baker, US Army - "They grabbed my arms, my legs, twisted me up and unfortunately one of the individuals got up on my back from behind and put pressure down on me while I was face down. Then he — the same individual — reached around and began to choke me and press my head down against the steel floor. After several seconds, 20 to 30 seconds, it seemed like an eternity because I couldn't breathe. When I couldn't breathe, I began to panic and I gave the code word I was supposed to give to stop the exercise, which was `red.' . . . That individual slammed my head against the floor and continued to choke me. Somehow I got enough air. I muttered out: `I'm a U.S. soldier. I'm a U.S. soldier.' "